New features of different type of Medicare supplement plans

New features of different type of Medicare supplement plans in 2019

Private companies offered a various type of Medicare health plans which give all of your part A and B benefits. Medicare supplement plans 2018 include:

  • Prefer provider organization
  • Health maintain organization
  • Private fee services plan
  • Needs of special plan
  • Savings medical account plans

Original Medicare doesn’t pay any Medicare services which are covered by a plan. Let discuss kind of medicare supplement plan. Those are:

  • HMO– health maintenance organization plans
  • PFFS– private fee for service plans
  • PPO– preferred provider organization plan
  • SNP– special need plan
  • HMOPOS- it gives you out of network services for high cost
  • MSA– it combines a high deductible plan with the bank account which pays for services during the year.

Those people join a Medicare plan who:

  • Lives in the service area. If he or she in other states for part of a year, ask for the covered plan.
  • Have Medicare plan part A and B.
  • Don’t have ESRD- end-stage renal disease.
  • Switch or drop a plan.

You can join the one-year enrollment plan. When new coverage plans begin, you will automatically disenrollment from your old plan.

You may contact or call for your new plan. You may want to join drug coverage (Part –D) or Medigap policy (Medicare supplement insurance).

You may switch to other plans in a certain period of the year. When you join the coverage, you should talk to employer, administrator or union. Sometimes you also may lose your union or plan for your dependents or spouse. Keep one thing in your mind that once you drop your coverage or union you may not be capable to get it again. Some plans have left at the end of the year and you are automatically turned into original Medicare. You can buy a Medigap policy.

All Medicare supplement can fix different out of pocket costs. They have various rules for how to get services. Like:

  • Whether you require a referral to find a specialist.
  • You have to find the doctor, the facilities for non-emergency or non-urgent care.

You may join SNP for ESRD people in your area. People are already in the Medicare Supplement plan. You will be the able same plan or will offer your plan by the same company.


This is no matter what people choose; still, they are in the Medicare plan and will get all medicare supplement covered services. If you need to back to original Medicare, your decision is required if you need drug coverage.